AdBlue® : definition and composition

AdBlue® is a Diesel exhaust fluid for vehicles equipped with SCR technology. Made up of 67.5% deionized water and 32.5% high-purity urea, it meets the requirements of the ISO 22241 standard. AdBlue® is stored in an auxiliary tank separate from the Dieselfuel tank.

AdBlue® & the Euro 6 standard

Most countries and regions have enacted air quality protection standards that regulate vehicle pollutant emissions. The Euro standards (Euro 1 to Euro 6) regulate pollutant emissions from passenger cars. Manufacturers must comply with them to sell their vehicles in Europe


Since September 2014 and the introduction of the Euro 6 standard, all new diesel passenger car are equipped with a nitrogen oxide (NOx) aftertreatment system. The system most favoured by car manufacturers is the catalyst SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction). This system works with AdBlue®, a product based on urea and demineralised water. Injected into the exhaust gases, AdBlue® reduces almost all nitrogen oxide emissions.


Did you know? Truck emissions are also regulated. The vast majority of new trucks since 2006 are already equipped with this SCR technology and also use AdBlue®

How does AdBlue® work?

When combined with SCR technology, AdBlue® converts nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from Diesel engines into harmless nitrogen and water vapor non-polluting components already present in the atmosphere.

A three-step process :

1. AdBlue® is injected into the exaust pipe upstream of the SCR catalyst.

2. Urea breaks down into ammonia when exposed to hot exhaust gases.

3. Nitrogen oxide from the engine is converted to nitrogen (a harmless gas, the main component of the air we breathe) and to water vapor, through a chemical reaction with the ammonia in the SCR catalyst.

Where to find AdBlue®?

TotalEnergies offers AdBlue® in different formats to meet customer needs:

In 5L or 10L cans

AdBlue® is sold in TotalEnergies service station stores in 5L or 10L cans with a spout.

At the pump

AdBlue® is also available for passenger car at the pump in some of TotalEnergies service station.

Topping up with AdBlue®