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Tips and tricks for AdBlue®

  • Does AdBlue® affect the power of the engine?

    AdBlue® does not affect the operation of the engine. On the other hand, if the AdBlue® tank is running low, the engine’s power may be limited or the vehicle may even be immobilised.

  • Are there any extra maintenance requirements?

    Your vehicle’s SCR system is installed by the manufacturer and works automatically. Therefore, it does not require any maintenance or modifications.

  • What happens if my vehicle remains stationary for several days at temperatures below -11°C?

    AdBlue® crystallises at -11°C. Carmakers have responded to this phenomenon by installing an automatic heating system in the tank, so that the SCR catalyst system functions properly within 20 minutes after restarting, as required by the regulations.
    The product’s performance is unaffected if it crystallises in the tank. The heating system will return the product to a liquid state within 20 minutes, so that the SCR can function correctly. The vehicle functions normally during these 20 minutes.

  • What does the AdBlue® warning light mean?

    There are three lights on the dashboard that come on to warn you of a problem with the AdBlue® system. The first one is the AdBlue® low warning light. It must come on long before the tank is completely empty so that you have enough time to top up. When this light comes on, you can still drive for another 2,400km. This light is usually yellow, and once you have topped up the tank with exhaust fluid, it should go off. If you do not fill the tank, this light turns red, meaning that you may not be able to restart the engine.

  • Can I drive when the AdBlue® light is on?

    This light does not indicate a safety-related problem, but if you ignore it, you may not be able to restart the engine. When the AdBlue® low light comes on, you can still drive for a further 2,400km before it becomes absolutely necessary to top up.

  • Storing AdBlue®

    Do not store AdBlue® in direct sunlight. You are advised to store your cans of AdBlue® at temperatures of between -11°C and 30°C to preserve all the product’s properties and to optimise its lifespan (about 1 year).