Need some AdBlue®? Find the TotalEnergies service station nearest to you that sells cans of AdBlue® in the store or at the AdBlue® pump in certain stations.
Also, discover the range of can formats that meet your needs: standard 5L or 10L.

At TotalEnergies service stations

Find the nearest TotalEnergies service stations

Our AdBlue® products

AdBlue® in 5L cans

This can contains enough to switch off the AdBlue® warning light

AdBlue® in 10L cans

Opt for the 10L can for a lower price per litre (but it is not as easy to use).

Why would you buy TotalEnergies AdBlue®


AdBlue® is sold in all our service stations

Need some AdBlue® ? You can buy cans of AdBlue® in the stores in every TotalEnergies service station. There are also AdBlue® pumps in certain stations.


Formats for all consumption requirements

You can choose the format you need: 5L or 10L.