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The purpose of the Policy is to inform you about cookies, which cookies may be configured when you visit the web site and how to manage them.





Cookies are files used to save data about your computer’s navigation on the web site (e.g., number of visits, number of pages seen, etc.) and to make your visits to the site easier, in particular.

At all times, you can delete the cookies installed on your computer, oppose the installation of new cookies and receive notification before new cookies are installed by configuring your web browser according to the instructions below (“Types of cookies, cookies, statistics and settings”).

Please note that, if you uninstall a cookie or oppose the installation of cookies on your system, you may not be able to use some of the services on the web site.



Types of cookies, cookies, statistics and settings


The cookies that may be installed on your server when navigating on the web site are either used exclusively to enable or facilitate electronic communications, are strictly necessary to provide the service you have requested (language cookies, identification cookies, etc.), or are statistical cookies or other cookies used under the conditions described below.

When the installation of cookies requires your prior consent, you will be asked using the “More…” link on the first page of the web site, it being understood that continuing to navigate on the web site implies that you accept.


Which cookies are installed?


  • Cookies proposed by the owner of the processing
Cookie Description How to refuse Duration
Site (has_js) Contains information on the navigation session and enables users to access the site Is deleted at the end of the session
Site (cookie_agreed) Saves the user’s choice regarding cookies 13 months


  • Cookies proposed by the third parties


Publisher of the cookie Description How to refuse Duration
Score Card Research Beacon Enables “Share this” to see the number of users who log onto http://www.scorecardresearch.com/OptOutTag.aspx 13 months
ShareThis Allows for sharing on different social platforms http://www.sharethis.com/privacy
Click “opt out” for advertising cookies
__unam (9 months)
__stdlxmap (7 days)
__stgmap (7 days)
__stid (24 hours)
__uset (24 hours)
STPC (24 hours)
METRIXLAB Is used to open and save the site satisfaction form Contacter priva@MetrixLab.com 7 months
FASTFONT Enables the performance to be displayed Is deleted at the end of the session
TWITTER Saves the IDs used to share on Twitter In your profile, go to the “Security settings” page and deactivate the box under the highlighted content page 13 months
FACEBOOK Saves the IDs used to share on Facebook https://www.datalogix.com/privacy/
Scroll down to “Choice”, click the last link in the paragraph “Click here” and enter your data.
13 months


  • Statistics cookies proposed by AT Internet


Publisher of the cookie Description How to refuse Duration
AT INTERNET idrxvr tmst Shows how many users log onto the site and the frequency of the connections http://www.xiti.com/en/optout.aspx 7 months


  • Or Google Analytics: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/Statistics cookies measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed, the activities of the users on the web site and the frequency at which they come back. The statistics tool [NAME OF THE STATISTICS TOOL] installs a cookie with a unique identifier and a lifetime limited to [LENGTH OF LIFETIME]. Your IP address is also collected to show the town from where you are logging on. This information is immediately anonymised after use, so that you cannot be identified as a physical person. The frequency statistics are collected by the service provider [NAME OF THE SERVICE PROVIDER] and are then aggregated and anonymised before they are sent to the owner of the processing through a web portal to which only the latter has access. The collected data is not transferred to any third parties or used for any other purposes. At any time, you can inhibit these cookies using the opt out procedure by clicking the following link:
  • Or both]



How to delete cookies, be informed before cookies are installed or configure your browser


  • How to delete cookies already installed on your computer
  • Go to the Workstation.
  • Select the Windows folder on C:\.
  • Open the “Temporary Internet Files” folder.
  • Press Ctrl a to select all the files.
  • Select “Delete”.


  • How to configure your browser to refuse cookies or to be informed before cookies are installed
  • With Microsoft Internet Explorer 5. Go to “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Security”, “Personalise level”. In the dropdown menu, select “Cookies”, “Enable cookies on your computer”. Select “Ask” to be informed, or “Block” to block all cookies.
  • With Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8. Select “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Privacy”, then choose the level you want to apply.
  • Firefox: Select “Tools” and “Options”. In “Privacy settings”, untick “Accept cookies”.
  • Google Chrome: Click “Customise and Control Google Chrome”, then select “Settings”. In “Privacy”, click “Content settings” and tick “Block third-party cookies and site data”.