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The price of AdBlue®

  • Where can I buy AdBlue®?

    AdBlue® is on sale in the network of TotalEnergies service stations in standard 5L, 10L cans.
    AdBlue® is also available at the pump in some TotalEnergies service stations.

  • How much does a can of AdBlue®  cost?

    The price of AdBlue® varies between countries and the different formats. On average, a 5L can costs between about €10 and €12, and a 10L can costs between about €18 and €20.

  • Price of a 5-litre can of AdBlue®

    A 5-litre can of AdBlue® with a spout costs about €10 to €12. This format is ideal for topping up with AdBlue® quickly and easily when the warning light on the dashboard comes on.

  • Price of a 10-litre can of AdBlue®

    TotalEnergies sells 10 L cans of AdBlue® for between €18 and €20. They are sold with a spout to top up quickly and easily.