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AdBlue® light on: what does it mean, what to do?

AdBlue® indicator light on: what to do?

Light Diesel vehicles have a warning message on the dashboard, often symbolized by a warning light. What to do when this AdBlue® light comes on? How to react? The most important thing to know, with ChangeforBlue.

What does a lit AdBlue® light indicate ?

A lit AdBlue® light should alert you. It tells you that you need to fill up with AdBlue®. When it goes off, be aware that you have a range of 2,400 km. Please note that you must fill the tank with at least 4 litres of AdBlue® for the light to go out.


Did you know that? When the amount of AdBlue® in the tank is sufficient, the light may take a few minutes to go out. If it remains lit, contact your dealer to inspect the system’s operation.

How to recognize the AdBlue® light on the dashboard?

The AdBlue® indicator may differ depending on the car manufacturer. For example, PSA group vehicle models are equipped with a “UREA” warning light. Volkswagen vehicles have an indicator in the shape of a petrol pump. Consult your vehicle manual to identify the dashboard light corresponding to AdBlue®.


» Find all the possible indicators on the computer graphics. Filling up with AdBlue® in pictures

What happens if AdBlue® is not refilled?

The AdBlue® light is on and you cannot fill up with AdBlue®. If you haven’t filled up your tank after 2,400 km, your vehicle will not be able to restart. Vehicles with SCR technology are equipped with an electronic device that prevents the engine from starting in the absence of AdBlue®. You will have to call in a professional to be serviced.

Reminder: where to fill up with AdBlue®

There are two ways to fill your AdBlue® tank:



You can refuel on your own, taking care to fill the AdBlue® tank andnot the fuel tank. The AdBlue® tank is usually identified by its blue cap. It is most often located next to the fuel door or may also be located under the hood or in the trunk of the vehicle.


Did you know that? Filling up withAdBlue® on your own does not affect your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty. However, be sure to fill your tank with AdBlue®.