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How to fill up with AdBlue® ?

où acheter de l’AdBlue®

You need AdBlue® for your Diesel vehicle. Where to get it What is the best format? Drums or filling at the pump? We sum up the options available to you


Step 1: work out your AdBlue® consumption


Depending on your type of car, how you drive or the distance you drive each year, your consumption of AdBlue® will differ. To help you work out your AdBlue® consumption, please feel free to use our on-line simulator.


For example, for a Peugeot 208 dating from 2020 and travelling 20,000 kilometres each year at normal speed, 4 x 10-litre drums will cover your AdBlue® requirements for a year.


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Step 2: Find out which format is best suited to your consumption


AdBlue® may be bought at service stations in a number of formats.


In drums available in the shop

For light vehicles, AdBlue® is sold in different forms in all TotalEnergies service station shops:

  • in 5-litre drums, the minimum quantity for turning off the AdBlue®indicator;
  • in 10-litre drums, for a better price per litre


Note that these drums are fitted with a spout to make it easier to fill your tank.


At a service station pump

TotalEnergies also offers AdBlue® directly at the pump in certain service stations. These are gradually being rolled out across the European network. There are already more than 400 stations equipped with AdBlue® pumps for light vehicles in Europe including more than 200 in France.


How to fill up at the pump. Take the AdBlue® nozzle and pour the liquid into the AdBlue® tank. However, note that pumps are recommended mostly for vehicles with an AdBlue® tank next to the fuel filler flap. AdBlue® tanks located in the boot or under the bonnet are less suited to filling at the pump. If you have one of these, it is better to fill up using drums.


Did you know?

Be careful not to confuse AdBlue® pumps for light vehicles with those intended for heavy vehicles which have a higher flow rate and which are strictly reserved for them.

Did you know?

AdBlue® must not be poured into the Diesel tank (and vice-versa), but into its dedicated tank. This may be located in the boot, next to the fuel filler flap or under the bonnet. If, during filling, the liquid splashes onto the bodywork or your clothing, rinse copiously with fresh water to prevent difficult-to-remove stains.


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Need AdBlue®? Find the nearest TotalEnergies service station to you with AdBlue® available in drums in the shop and for certain stations via dedicated AdBlue® pumps.