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Top up with AdBlue® in images

Filling your AdBlue® tank infographic

An indicator light has just lit up on your dashboard. You have 2,400 km left to top up with AdBlue before your vehicle stops. Now is the time to fill up your AdBlue® tank. Yes, but how do I do this? Answer in images.


Where to find the AdBlue® tank

The first question to ask even before filling the AdBlue® tank concerns the location of the tank. The location where it is placed can influence the way of filling it. Depending on the vehicle models, the AdBlue® tank is found:

  • Next to the fuel filler
  • In the boot
  • Under the bonnet

AdBlue® can: the first solution for filling the AdBlue® tank

To top up with AdBlue®, wherever your tank is located, you can use an AdBlue® can, for sale at TotalEnergies service stations. To help you to fill your AdBlue® tank, the TotalEnergies cans (5L or 10L) are equipped with a pouring spout.

AdBlue® pump: the other way to fill your tank

Another solution for filling your AdBlue® tank: go to a TotalEnergies station that has an AdBlue® pump. Position your vehicle next to the pump and use the nozzle to pour the liquid in the AdBlue® tank.


» Use our station finder to find TotalEnergies stations offering AdBlue.


Use of the pump is recommended mainly for cars where the AdBlue® tank is located next to the fuel filler.


Good to know : Be careful to not pour AdBlue® into the Diesel tank and vice-versa.